Summer Summit on Fiscal and Economic Policy Agenda
August, 2019 - York College of Pennsylvania  

Testimony and Presentations

Andrew Abramczyk budget testimony

Andrew Abramczyk growth testimony

Dan White testimony

Eileen Norcross written testimony

Fiscal and Economic Policy Roundtable Final Agenda

Eileen Norcross, Fiscal Evasion, State Budget Gimmicks. Updated 8.23.10 (Mercatus)

PA Econ Development Panel_8-22_19_Final (AFP)

PA, Norcross - Fiscal Rankings - Mercatus, v1_0

Penn Gen Assembly Summer Summit - Legislative Oversight and Audit, Darrin Underwood, 08/22/2019

Pennsylvania Gen Assembly - Oversight (22 Aug 2019)_ (Steven Allred)

Pew Rainy Day Fund Presentation - York PA Aug 22 2019

Rainy Day Fund Strategies - A Call to Action - Volcker Alliance

Rainy Day Fund Strategies -Volcker Alliance

Report Cards_Pennsylvania- Volcker Alliance

Stress Testing States_918 (Moodys)

Tax Foundation - Pennsylvania Presentation

Truth and Integrity in State Budgeting - Preventing the Next Fiscal Crisis_0

Volcker Alliance Preventing the Next Fiscal Crisis

Weathering the Next Recession-PA (Mercatus)