Apr. 27, 2022

HARRISBURG – Having up-to-date voter rolls is vitally important. Today, the House approved bipartisan House Bill 2507 to require information from the Election Registration Information Center (ERIC) be used to purge deceased voters from the rolls, bill sponsors Reps. Seth Grove (R-York) and Scott Conklin (D-Centre) announced.

“The people of Pennsylvania deserve and rightfully need to trust the election process. This bill moves us toward regaining their confidence,” Grove said. “Our bipartisan bill not only makes sure Pennsylvania’s voter rolls are kept up-to-date, more so than what they are now, it also eliminates many misconceptions of the large amounts of the dead rising to vote again.” 

Grove, who is majority chair of the House State Government Committee, and Conklin, who is the minority chair, worked together on the legislation to ensure voter registration lists are kept updated using an additional data source. 

“This legislation stands as a testament to the power bipartisanship can have in Harrisburg when partisan politics are put aside and we work together to focus on the big issues we agree on,” Conklin said. “These tweaks to existing law have long been requested by county commissioners and the Department of State. Keeping our voter rolls properly maintained is a vital part of our elections process, and this legislation will further improve that process.”

Through recent discussions on election reform and improved maintenance of voter registration records, it was discovered the current law does not allow for the full use of information provided by the ERIC system.

House Bill 2507 now goes to the Senate for consideration. 

Representative Seth Grove
196th District

Representative Scott Conklin
77th District 
Pennsylvania House of Representatives