May. 10, 2021

HARRISBURG – House State Government Committee Chairman Seth Grove (R-York) today released a report on the committee’s months-long comprehensive hearings on Pennsylvania’s election process and its 84-year-old election law.

The committee’s review of the election process was one of, it not the most, comprehensive reviews any state has undertaken.

“Through expert testimony, we found numerous flaws within Pennsylvania’s election code and with its implementation. This report will lead to comprehensive legislative fixes to the numerous systemic problems, which have led many voters to distrust election results,” Grove said. “Elections must be held to the highest integrity while also being accessible to all legal voters. House Republicans stand ready to improve our antiquated election laws, aid local election officials and ensure it is easy to vote but hard to cheat.”

The goal of the hearings was for committee members to take an extensive look at the election process, educate the public about the process, identify flaws and receive input on how to fix the problems. Throughout the 10 election hearings, which ran from January through April, the committee received testimony from more than 50 election experts and local and state election officials, including officials from other states.

“I am disappointed the Wolf administration is not interested in negotiating solutions to the many issues the committee heard repeatedly from the much-varied testifiers,” Grove said. “To restore the faith of all Pennsylvania voters, we would expect everyone would want to be at the negotiating table as we create a fair and equitable bill to make it easy to vote, but harder to cheat.”

The extensive review of the election process was the starting point to produce a bill to fix fatal flaws within the process.

Read the 98-page report here.

Representative Seth Grove
196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Grove Releases Report on Elections Hearings