House State Government Committee Concludes Election Review Hearings
HARRISBURG – The House State Government Committee wrapped up on Thursday its in-depth review of Pennsylvania’s election process. In response, Chairman Seth Grove (R-York) issued the following statement:

“Since the first hearing in January, the committee had one task: To review every single aspect of the Pennsylvania’s election process to improve upon it so it is more accessible to legal voters and is held to the highest level of integrity. Thursday’s hearing continued the mantra with a truly bipartisan list of testifiers who submitted their thoughts on the current election process and ways in which to improve it.  We are the only state in the nation to take on such an extensive review of its election laws. 

All of the election law hearings can be viewed here.

“I want to thank my Republican and Democratic colleagues for undertaking this long and arduous task. I am particularly proud of the Republican members who were truly engaged throughout the hearing and asked great questions regarding major election issues.  According to many testifiers, these hearings struck the right chord to facilitate much needed change.

“It is unfortunate some of my Democratic colleagues ended our successful hearings with political theatrics, instead of highlighting the several hours of testimony from numerous nonpartisan testifiers about various legislative changes we must make to ensure we have an election process which works for our voters and election officials. That was truly a sad moment for all Pennsylvanians who want to see bipartisan fixes to our election system as Pennsylvanians know accessibility and integrity are not mutually exclusive.

“Going forward, we will begin the process of creating real reform, so it is easy to vote and hard to cheat.” 

Representative Seth Grove
196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives