I want you…to give your opinion on these issues

In the beginning of January, the Pennsylvania Senate passed Senate Bill 1 and is awaiting approval from the House of Representatives. Senate Bill 1 contains 3 constitutional amendment proposals. They will appear on the ballot as 3 separate issues to be voted on independently. You can read the bill by clicking here. I want to know your opinion on the three proposed amendments included in Senate Bill 1.

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The first proposed amendment would help provide justice for sexual assault victims by creating a two-year window for victims of childhood sexual abuse to file lawsuits which were past the statute of limitations. Do you support this proposed amendment? *

For a bill to become law, it must first pass through the general assembly and be signed into law by the governor. However, the governor and agencies which fall under his jurisdiction have the ability to enact unscrupulous regulations without the approval of the general assembly. All too often, this lack of checks and balances on the executive branch leads to detrimental effects on the people of the commonwealth. The second proposed constitutional amendment would provide an avenue for the general assembly to put an end to overreaching regulations created by the governor and unelected bureaucrats. This avenue essentially provides the general assembly “veto” power for regulations, just as the governor has for bills. Do you support this proposed amendment? *

Voter ID is a simple yet effective tool with bipartisan support to ensure election integrity and in some cases has even been shown to increase voter turnout. According to a Franklin & Marshall poll 74% of Pennsylvanians support the use of voter ID, including 66% support among African-Americans and 86% support among Hispanics. The third and final proposed constitutional amendment would create a requirement for voter ID and would provide a free government-issued ID for voters who do not possess one. Do you support this proposed amendment? *