Creating Better Small Business Climate

State Rep. Seth Grove comments on a series of recent bills that are structured to help small businesses across the Commonwealth of PA to grow and prosper.

House Bill 1995 Press Conference

Reps. Frank Ryan and Seth Grove hold a news conference at the Capitol to announce an aggressive plan to improve Pennsylvania’s financial condition before it joins other state governments on the path to financial default. Ryan, a certified public accountant, believes if Pennsylvania continues on its present course, it will face certain default within the next 12 years.

Rep. Grove On Pennsylvania's Financial Status

State Rep. Seth Grove comments on HB 1995 and describes that the Pennsylvania Legislature must refocus itself on how money is spent.

Grove Comments About Taxes Climate

State Rep. Seth Grove comments that Pennsylvania must change its overall tax code to help assist the state economy.

Government Oversight Committee Meeting (10-30-19)

Voting meeting on the final report of Investigation 1-2019.

Rep. Grove Stands In Solidarity With Victims of Communism Memorial Day

PA State Rep. Seth Grove joins fellow state lawmakers and representatives from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation supporting HR 392, which recognizes Victims of Communism Memorial Day in Pennsylvania.

Grove Issues Statement On Anti-Semitism

State Rep. Seth Grove urges passage of House Resolution 146, a message to oppose anti-Semitism.

Better State Government Transparency

State Rep. Seth Grove has introduced House Bill 26 to require more transparency within state government. Grove will chair the Government Oversight Committee.

Victims Rights Package Of Bills

State Rep. Seth Grove details a recent combination of Victims Rights Bills that passed the legislature.

Tax Code Changes

State Rep. Seth Grove details recent tax changes contained within the 2019-2020 Pennsylvania State Budget.