House Republican South Central Caucus (SCC)
The House Republican South Central Caucus consists of Republican House members from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Engineering District 8-0, encompassing the counties of Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry and York. This caucus was formed to address regional issues which transcend county boundaries. The ability to band together to address issues – such as the federal Chesapeake Bay mandate, transportation, education policy, school property tax reform, economic development and numerous other policy issues – allows for a strong and unified voice in Harrisburg to advocate for our needs here in South Central Pennsylvania. 

To read the summary of SCC accomplishments from the 2015-16 session, click here.

Members of the South Central Republican Caucus:


Adams County

Cumberland County

Dauphin County

Franklin County

Lancaster County

Lebanon County

Perry County

York County