Summer Summit on Fiscal and Economic Policy Agenda
Summer Summit on Fiscal and Economic Policy Agenda
9 a.m., Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019
York College of Pennsylvania

Panel 1: Current Financial Condition of the Commonwealth. 9:00-9:50 am
  • Eileen Norcross (Mercatus Center)
  • Dan White (Moodys)
  • Barb Rosewicz (Pew Trust)
Panel 2: (Improving State Budgeting Practices). 9:55-11:00 am
  • William Glasgall (Volcker Alliance)
  • Andrew Abramcyzk (Commonwealth Foundation)
Panel 3: (Pension and OPED) 11:05-11:40 am
  • Jonathan Williams (ALEC)
Break 11:40-1:00 pm

Panel 4: (Managing Non-Recurring Revenue/Rainy-Day Fund Governance) 1:00-1:50 pm
  • Stephen Bailey (Pew Trust)
  • William Glasgall (Volcker Alliance)
Panel 5: Legislative Oversight & Audit 1:55-2:45 pm
  • Darin Underwood (State of Utah, Deputy Legislative Auditor General)
  • Steven Allred (State of Utah, Deputy Fiscal Analyst, Office of Legislative Fiscal Analyst)
Panel 6: Economic Growth Strategies 2:50-3:35 pm
  • Ashley Klingensmith (Americans For Prosperity)
  • Jared Walczak (Tax Foundation)
  • Andrew Abramcyzk (Commonwealth Foundation)

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