Demanding Accountability from the Wolf Administration
I am continuously working to hold Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration accountable to the taxpayers.

Earlier this year, I filed a lawsuit with State Rep. Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland) to prevent him from unilaterally closing the Public Employees Retirement Commission, which is the taxpayers’ independent pension watchdog agency. The governor unconstitutionally attempted to close this organization, despite the fact that it was created by an act of the General Assembly.

Our lawsuit was effective, as the governor gave up his misguided attempts to close this agency before oral arguments for the trial were to take place. See below to read more about the lawsuit.

Press Releases

Grove Questions Governor’s Decision to Allow Unbalanced Budget to Become Law

Letter to Gov. Wolf Questioning the Constitutionality of Allowing Unbalanced Budget to Become Law 

Grove, Bloom: Wolf Administration Admits Defeat, Abruptly Reverses Unconstitutional PERC Power Grab

Agreement Restores PERC Independence, Say Bloom, Grove

Bloom, Grove File Suit to Stop Wolf’s Illegal Power Grab

Legal Documents 
 • Bloom-Grove-Wolf Agreement - Commonwealth Court - March 1, 2016  
 • Comparison of Wolf's Interagency Agreement and Agreement Between Bloom-Grove-Wolf - March 1, 2016 
 • Order - Commonwealth Court - March 3, 2016  
 • PERC Petition for Review-Commonwealth Court - February 12, 2016
 • PERC Application for Special Relief- Commonwealth Court - February 12, 2016 
Report on Wolf Administration Impasse Spending

Earlier this session, I also released a report regarding the questions remaining with Gov. Tom Wolf’s spending during the budget impasse. A number of questions still remain about his spending priorities and the constitutionality of his spending without a signed budget in place.

Click here to read that report.