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“Lest anyone think we don’t understand how the Legislature works, that no one can go to Harrisburg and immediately start making a difference, we offer exhibit A: State Rep. Seth Grove, R-Dover Township, elected in 2008 and one of the hardest-working legislators around.” - York Dispatch Editorial, Oct. 30, 2012

Hard-working, dedicated and effective are three words to describe Rep. Seth Grove’s approach to legislating. Seth has tirelessly served the 196th District since 2008, and during his three terms in office, he has consistently advocated for streamlined, more efficient government and conservative principles.

Seth’s path to public service began in high school when he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and was selected for its nuclear engineering program and submarine school. Due to a heart condition, he was unable fulfill the enlistment. Undeterred, Seth opted for a major in public administration at York College to find another way to serve. He attributes this deep sense of civic responsibility to his grandfather’s World War II stories and his father’s service in the Navy during the Vietnam War.

Seth honed his knowledge of government while serving as a legislative assistant to Congressman Todd Platts (R-York) and Rep. Stan Saylor (R-Windsor) and as chief of staff for Rep. Keith Gillespie (R-Hellam). In these capacities, Seth was a dedicated advocate for residents in resolving conflicts with state and federal agencies. He continues to use this expertise to benefit the residents of the 196th District.

Along with advancing fiscally conservative policies, Seth’s main priorities include encouraging private-sector job creation through tax cuts and free-market principles, promoting legislation to support small business growth, stamping out welfare fraud, reducing government red tape and increasing efficiencies, protecting law-abiding citizens, and defending our right to keep and bear arms.

During his three terms in office, Grove has shepherded 16 bills into law and 10 resolutions adopted by the House of Representatives. During his service he has served on numerous committees including: Aging and Older Adult Services, Appropriations, Consumer Affairs, Finance, Health, Human Services, Insurance, Intergovernmental Affairs, Labor & Industry, Rules, State Government (Secretary), Transportation (subcommittee chair on Public Transportation) and Education (subcommittee chair on Technical Education and Career Readiness).

He authored a law to reduce bureaucracy and save school districts money by exempting them from the Planning and Construction Workbook (PLANCON) approval process if they are not seeking state reimbursement for a construction project. During the 2013-14 legislative session, he authored a bill to overhaul the entire PLANCON process. This long and antiquated procedure is required of schools looking for state reimbursement of construction projects. Seth’s bill passed the House and language found in it later became law, including an end to the Department of Education’s moratorium on reimbursements. In addition, more funding was allocated for projects at schools across the Commonwealth. Seth continues to push for reform of PLANCON.

In his short tenure, Seth led the charge in limiting the Act 1 exceptions which allow school districts to bypass the voter referendum requirement for property tax increases above the inflation index. His efforts reduced these exceptions by 70 percent and have made school districts more accountable to the taxpayers.

Seth is a true friend to senior citizens. He authored a law which increased access for over 40,000 seniors to PACE and PACENET, a prescription drug assistance program for seniors, by excluding Medicare Part B premiums as income. He also extended the moratorium to ensure seniors whose Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) exceeds the income threshold, to remain on PACE and PACENET.

A fiscal watchdog, Seth authored the provision in the Unemployment Compensation (UC) reform law (Act 60 of 2012) which holds individuals responsible for making fraudulent unemployment claims. The law allows the Department of Labor and Industry a 10-year look-back window to collect on fault overpayments in the UC system. He followed this work by ensuring county jails are connected to the JNET system to ensure prisoners are not fraudulently collecting U/C benefits saving $100 million to the UC Trust Fund.
He also co-authored the Taxpayers’ Caucus report that identified $3 billion in savings in state government. Some of the cost-savings measures have been implementing since the report was released in May 2016. They include: a tax amnesty program, expansion of the U.S. Treasury Offset Program, liquor reforms and an initiative which came to fruition as the Keystone Offset Program. The program requires the state to intercept payments for work done by state contractors who owe back taxes.

Protecting Pennsylvania’s children is another priority for Seth. He authored the Commonwealth’s groundbreaking sexting law to reduce child sexual exploitation and child pornography. Under this law, teens who are caught sexting are no longer subject to felony prosecution, but will now have the opportunity to participate in educational diversionary programs and have their records expunged. Seth also authored a law to require minors seeking a motorcycle license to complete a free motorcycle safety course and ensure motorcycle permit riders apply for their full motorcycle license.

He also authored legislation to close loopholes in the Commonwealth’s DUI laws. Seth’s bill, which became law, addressed situations where defendants are arrested for a second DUI while awaiting trial for the first. He also removed onerous requirements limiting the sales on pedal assist bicycles. Now instead of registering these bicycles like cars, individuals can enjoy them with less government intrusion.

Seth is dedicated to furthering the interests of the 196th District, York County and Pennsylvania, and he employs this passion outside his legislative endeavors. He has served as an APPRISE counselor for the York County Area Agency on Aging. He is a member of the HACC York Campus Advisory Committee, Dover Lions Club, the Dover Fish and Game Association, the National Rifle Association, and the Dover York YMCA. These associations illustrate his commitment to providing healthy and wholesome activities for York County residents, his conviction to uphold Second Amendment rights and his concern for senior citizens.

Showing a dedication to transparent government, Seth maintains an active Twitter and Facebook presence and reaches out to constituents using multi-media formats, such as email and video. He also posts his monthly legislative expenses online.

Seth resides in Dover with his wife, Kacey, and their sons, Andrew and Connor.

The 196th District is comprised of Dover, Jackson, North Codorus, Paradise and West Manchester townships, and the boroughs of Dover, New Salem and Spring Grove.

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