Grove DUI Court Legislation on Way to Becoming Law

A Senate version of legislation authored by Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover) to establish DUI courts in Pennsylvania will soon be on its way to the governor’s desk.  It must first go back to the Senate for a concurrence vote.   

“It is appropriate that Senate Bill 383 passed the House on the same day we debated the budget, because by legalizing problem-solving courts, Pennsylvania will see a significant savings in its corrections budget,” said Grove.  “Corrections is the third-largest area of state spending, and it is important for us to create innovative programs that can reduce our prison population, save taxpayer dollars and really rehabilitate offenders.  I thank Senator Jane Orie for her leadership on this issue, and I am glad this proposal will finally become a reality.” 

Senate Bill 383, authored by Orie (R-Allegheny), amends the Judicial Code to establish problem-solving courts, which will have specialized jurisdiction and may admit defendants into court-supervised individualized treatment programs.  As part of the legislation, defendants convicted of drug- or alcohol-related offenses may be remitted to a treatment program and ordered to pay a $25 surcharge to fund the program. 

Grove introduced a similar bill in House Bill 1919, which was part of his comprehensive plan to lower DUI incidents.  In addition to his legislation to establish DUI courts, Grove also introduced House Bill 2261, which would close a loophole for multiple DUI offenders by providing that any DUI offense occurring after the initial offense, but before a hearing, is to be considered a subsequent offense.  His House Bill 2262 would allow for the seizure of vehicles from habitual DUI offenders. 

“There are too many deaths and injuries on Pennsylvania roadways as a result of individuals driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol,” said Grove.  “Problem-solving courts and other new approaches to handling addiction-related crimes have been proven in other states to save money and reduce recidivism.  It is time for us to start investing in treatment for those who can be rehabilitated.  For those who can’t, we need to institute more severe penalties.” 

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