Grove-Sponsored Bill Ending Benefit Triple-Dipping Signed Into Law
HARRISBURG – A bill to stop former state employees from receiving both retirement and unemployment benefits was signed into law today as Act 75 of 2013 by Gov. Tom Corbett. The new law ends “triple-dipping,” a practice that involves an individual who collects a public pension or private retirement benefit while returning to work, only to collect unemployment compensation when leaving the job.

Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover) sponsored the legislation (House Bill 421) and is currently pushing for more changes to unemployment compensation. Most recently, Grove authored House Bill 403 which calls for harsher penalties on those who fraudulently obtain unemployment compensation. The Senate amended House Bill 421 to include some of the language written in Grove’s unemployment compensation fraud bill. The new law will impose a 15 percent penalty on claimants who make false statements or who fail to disclose material facts to fraudulently obtain benefits.

“I am glad the Senate placed a piece of House Bill 403 in House Bill 421, which will apply a 15 percent penalty to overpayments to ensure Pennsylvania is compliant with federal law,” Grove said. “But I am hopeful they move the rest of House Bill 403 to ensure we continue to reduce fraud in state government.”

Signing of Act 75 is another example of the Legislature pursuing legislation to reform the Commonwealth’s unemployment compensation system to ensure the system is benefiting only those who truly qualify.

Grove’s House Bill 403 is currently awaiting consideration in the Senate.

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Representative Seth Grove
196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Mike Straub