Grove Supports House Passage of Castle Doctrine

HARRISBURG – Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover) released the following statement regarding his support of House Bill 40, which passed the House today:


“Property rights are a founding principle of the United States.  I believe our forefathers would not only stand behind the passage of this legislation, but they would also wonder what took us so long.  To deny a person the right to defend home and family is un-American.


“This legislation will provide civil lawsuit protection for law-abiding citizens acting in defense of their homes and families.  It will also provide civil lawsuit protections to law enforcement officers acting in pursuance of their duties.  It is unthinkable to most of us that someone would pursue a civil lawsuit if they are harmed in the perpetration of a crime, but it is an unfortunate reality of our legal system.  House Bill 40 creates the presumption that someone who enters a residence unlawfully is there to cause harm and allows citizens to defend themselves, even to the point of using deadly force.


“I have heard from many people in my district who overwhelmingly support this legislation.  Law-abiding citizens are fed up with a criminal and civil justice system that appears to favor the criminal.  This legislation is about bringing the scales of justice back into balance so decent people are not put at a disadvantage to those with sinister or violent intentions.”


House Bill 40 now awaits the Senate’s approval.


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Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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