Grove Calls for Vote on Legislation to Protect Privacy

Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover) is calling on legislative leaders to schedule a vote on a proposal to add text messaging to the scope of the “Telemarketer Registration Act,” making it illegal for companies to send unwanted texts to registrants on the state’s Do Not Call List.


“The attorney general’s office has been flooded with calls over the past few days from consumers attempting to reduce the number of text messages they receive from telemarketers by registering for the Do Not Call List,” said Grove.  “Until House Bill 2675 is enacted, telemarketers can continue to legally send text solicitations, even if a person’s name and phone number appears on the Do Not Call List.”


Grove introduced the measure because cell phone consumers are actually paying for the text messages they receive from telemarketers, either as part of their text messaging plans or as an unexpected extra charge on their bills.


“It is not right to have people pay for these unwanted and intrusive texts,” said Grove.  “There is obviously a great deal of public support for this legislation, and I am hopeful it can be moved through the legislative process and signed into law before the end of the session.”


House Bill 2675 is awaiting consideration by the House Consumer Affairs Committee. 


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