Grove Introduces Legislation to Protect Property Owners from Looming Pension Plateau

Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover) announced today the introduction of legislation he authored to protect Pennsylvania property taxpayers from the coming plateau in the Pennsylvania School Employees’ Retirement System pension fund. 

“Property owners should not be left holding the bag for the failure of public employers to adequately fund the retirement system,” said Grove.  “A school funding system that relies on property taxes is already inequitable and unbalanced, and we should insulate property owners from increased taxes to fund pensions.” 

Grove’s House Bill 2482 would lock employer contributions made by school districts to the public pension system at 4 percent for the 2010-11 school year and beyond.  The Commonwealth would make up the necessary difference to fully fund the pension system. 

“We are contractually obligated to fund these pensions, and we cannot blame the school employees for the mess we are facing because they dutifully contributed from their paychecks to the system at a steady rate,” said Grove.  “Employer contribution rates should have been higher in years past, but in good economic times public employers lost sight of the pension obligation and underfunded pensions.  Moving forward, we must reform our public pension system to ensure that this scenario does not happen again in the future.” 

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