York County House Republicans React to Governor’s Budget Address
Members of the York County House Republican delegation, consisting of Reps. Keith Gillespie (R-Hellam), Seth Grove (R-Dover), Ron Miller (R-Jacobus), Stan Saylor (R-Red Lion) and Will Tallman (R-Hanover), issued this statement in reaction to Gov. Ed Rendell’s budget address of Tuesday, Feb 9:

“While the governor’s budget address did have its positive attributes, it failed to address the number one priority of York County residents-- property tax relief. Six years ago, Governor Rendell assured our citizens that significant property tax relief would be achieved when legalized slots gambling was approved in Pennsylvania. Entering the final year of his final term in office, he has failed to deliver on that promise. Last year, House Republicans’ attempt at using table games revenue for property tax relief was turned away on a party line vote. That defeat will not deter us from pursuing the issue our constituents have overwhelmingly asked us to address.

“Asking for a $1.2 billion spending increase seems out of touch with reality, considering we are $374 million behind in revenue collections for the year and that deficit is predicted to grow before the fiscal year ends. The governor himself pointed out that we are facing significant financial challenges ahead, which could lead to a more than $5 billion budget gap in two years.

This leads us to question the wisdom of such a large spending increase this year, especially when some of this increased spending is based on federal funding that has not been guaranteed. We must budget based on the facts at hand, not on the hope of federal funding.

“To pay for his spending plan, the governor is relying on a combination of tax increases and federal stimulus funds. It is irresponsible to rely on one-time funding sources like the stimulus funds to cover state spending. In 2011-12, when the stimulus funds are gone, we will be left with a large spending obligation and no way to pay for it without increasing taxes on Pennsylvania families and businesses. Across the Commonwealth, families are struggling to make ends meet. Tax increases from Harrisburg will not make that task any easier. If we do not make sensible spending decisions now, we will be setting them up for a huge tax increase later.”

York County House Republican Delegation
Contact: Scott B. Little
House Republican Public Relations
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