Grove Anti-Double Taxation Bill Signed in Law
DOVER – Consumers now have further protection from double taxation thanks to Rep. Seth Grove’s (R-York) legislation signed into law on Thursday.

Act 52 of 2018 excludes telephones, telephone handsets, modems, tablets and related accessories, such as cases, chargers, holsters, clips, hands-free devices, screen protectors and batteries from being subject to the gross receipts tax,” Grove said. “This is another step to eliminate bureaucratic overreach by preventing the Department of Revenue from unilaterally increasing taxes on goods nearly all Pennsylvanians own. This law also simplifies the state tax code.”

The law, formerly House Bill 994, provides a much-needed update to the definition of mobile telecommunications, keeping the tax code definition in step with technological advances.

The Commonwealth last updated the definition of mobile telecommunication in 2002. In the 15 years since, communications technology has advanced yet the state’s definition has remained unchanged.

“Under the law, the definition of mobile telecommunications is now modified to mirror the definition used under the Sales and Use Tax,” Grove said. “This creates uniformity clarifies and simplifies our tax code. The law also provides a clear definition of what is subject to the gross receipts tax and is subject to the Sales and Use Tax.”

The law takes effect immediately.

Representative Seth Grove
196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Greg Gross
717.260.6374 /

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