House Judiciary Committee Approves Grove Bill
HARRISBURG – Legislation by state Rep. Seth Grove (R-York) was approved in the House Judiciary Committee today, would improve Pennsylvania’s business climate by authorizing the creation of specialized commerce courts across the Commonwealth.

House Bill 401 would allow for the statewide expansion of the successful Commerce Court programs in the Philadelphia and Allegheny County Courts of Common Pleas. These programs have judges dedicated to hearing and deciding business-related cases. Grove’s legislation would allow the Superior Court and county Courts of Common Pleas to establish efficient and uniform commerce courts in their jurisdictions. The specialized courts would handle complex business cases, including: acquisitions, mergers, dissolutions and liquidations, among other items.

“My legislation, similar to a bill approved by the House last session, would improve Pennsylvania’s business climate by creating a transparent and effective judicial system,” Grove said. “This would lead to more businesses and, more importantly jobs, in the Commonwealth.”

Delaware is a shining example of the success of Commerce Courts. The state’s Court of Chancery has proven to be an asset in attracting business. Philadelphia Commerce Case Management Program, which has been in operation for decades, is another example of the success witnessed through these specialized courts.

“We need to be doing the same across Pennsylvania. Companies which go through the courts may not always agree on the outcomes, but creating a transparent and efficient process will encourage business growth and will help attract more businesses to the Commonwealth,” said Grove.

The legislation will now be considered by the House of Representatives.

Representative Seth Grove
196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Greg Gross
717.260.6374 /

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