Grove to Host House Select Subcommittee hearing in Philadelphia
WHAT: The House of Representatives’ Select Subcommittee on Technical Education and Career Readiness will host a public hearing. The aim of the hearing is to receive information that will be used to improve the Commonwealth’s career and technical education policy. In this dynamic and competitive global economy, it is critically important we ensure our students and workforce are prepared to meet the needs of our evolving business communities.

WHO: Members of the select subcommittee, including Chairman Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover), will hear testimony from Pete Klein, Steamfitters 420; Mike Schurr, Finishing Trade Institute; James Williams, Kensington Health Sciences Academy; Carol de Fries, Community College of Philadelphia; Uva Coles, Peirce College; Dr. Scott Sheely, Department of Agriculture; Don Cunningham, Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation; and Dr. Mark Erickson, Northampton Community College

WHEN: 10 a.m., Friday, Sept. 16

WHERE: Steamfitters Local 420 Hall, 14420 Townsend Road, Philadelphia.

Media contact: Greg Gross, 717.260.6374,
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