Grove, Wagner Baffled By Wolf Administration Attacking Own Budget Numbers
HARRISBURG – State Rep. Seth Grove (R-York) and Sen. Scott Wagner (R-York) released a comprehensive report yesterday from the bicameral Taxpayers’ Caucus, aimed at finding savings and efficiencies in state government. Jeff Sheridan, press secretary to Gov. Wolf, responded to the legislators’ efforts with a sharply worded, factually inaccurate attempt to distort the truth.

Grove and Wagner respond with the following statement:

“We are troubled and disappointed by the governor’s response to our good-faith effort to provide savings to the taxpayers. During our press conference, we applauded the governor for his efforts at finding cost savings and looked forward to engaging in civil discussion over our policy proposals to use the governor’s savings to balance the budget. Unfortunately, as has become habit for the Wolf administration, civil discourse takes a backseat to political smear campaigns.

“It is baffling Gov. Wolf’s spokesperson attacked the governor’s own budget by calling the governor’s own ideas ‘gimmicks and smoke and mirrors.’ Taxpayers expect better than their status-quo, tax-and-spend policies. If the administration is looking for gimmicks and smoke-and-mirrors budgeting, they need to look no further than their proposed budget for next fiscal year that is built on a proposal which was not passed this fiscal year.”

Representative Seth Grove
196th District

Media Contact: Eric Reath

Senator Scott Wagner
28th District

Media Contact: Jason High

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