Grove Bill to Ensure Proper Credentialing of Therapists
HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania House today overwhelmingly approved legislation sponsored by Rep. Seth Grove (R-York) that seeks to clarify who may legally advertise themselves as a marriage and family therapist, or MFT.

House Bill 603 would close a loophole in state law that has permitted individuals to use the MFT title without having a license.

“Individuals and couples often seek counseling services during vulnerable times in their lives,” said Grove. “It is important that they have the assurance the therapist they have selected has been vetted and possesses the professional qualifications necessary to offer compassionate and competent care.”

MFTs are highly skilled and undergo years of training in family systems and behavioral psychology. Existing state law only refers to “licensed marriage and family therapists,” unintentionally undermining the standards and practice of the industry, which does not use the “licensed” title but understands all MFTs to hold state licensure.

“This bill would make sure that anyone calling themselves an MFT actually holds a license,” said Grove. “The bill does make exceptions for faith-based counselors who identify their religious affiliation to clients and disclose they are not practicing licensed therapy.”

The bill passed on a bipartisan 173-17 vote. It now awaits consideration by the Senate.

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Representative Seth Grove
196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Nick Ruffner
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