Washington Township Secession Would Hurt Dover, Northern York School Districts, Grove Says
YORK – This week, Rep. Seth Grove (R-York), sent a letter to Jonathan Peri, chairman of the Special Committee for the state Board of Education, opposing the secession of Washington Township from the Dover Area School District. In the event of secession, township students would attend classes in the Northern York County School District.

The secession proposal is a result of a community petition by Washington Township residents. That petition is awaiting a ruling by the state Board of Education. In the letter, Grove explained:

“In the case of Washington Township, the reason for many residents to want to leave the Dover Area School District is not based on educational merit. Instead, this decision reaches back to 2011 in response to the choice of the Dover Area School Board to close the Kralltown Elementary School. Only days later, the Washington Township Planning Commission formed a task force to pursue an opportunity to secede from the district.”

While conceding that many residents have signed the petition in hopes of lower property taxes, Grove added that the state House recently passed a plan aimed at tax relief. Under House ill 504, schools across the Commonwealth would see nearly $5 billion in property tax relief, including a 47 percent reduction in the Dover Area School District.
Travel time for students in Washington Township would be similar and academic performance is similar in the two school districts. While there are many similarities between Dover and Northern York, Grove said, in part, the end result of the secession would be negative.

“Students will be forced to leave their current teachers, current classes and extracurricular activities. Taxpayers and students who remain in the district will also be adversely affected due to the financial impact on Dover Area School District. If Washington Township leaves the district, it will result in a $1.7 million loss in revenue. To close the budget deficit, the district will either be forced to raise taxes, increase classes, furlough staff or a combination of the three.”

The entire letter is attached and at RepGrove.com.

Representative Seth Grove
196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Nick Ruffner
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