Washington Township Move Could Cause Property Tax Increase, Grove Says
YORK – Rep. Seth Grove (R-York) today issued a statement following an informational meeting Monday, regarding the possible transfer of Washington Township to the Northern York County School District. The township is currently part of the Dover Area School District. A decision in the matter is not expected until later this year. In his statement, Grove said:

“As an advocate of property tax reform since my election in 2008, I understand the desire for lower property taxes. However, the decision of Washington Township to leave the Dover School District is wrong not only for taxpayers, but also for our community. The financial impact on taxpayers in the Dover area from this decision would be significant. The district would lose roughly $4.1 million which is approximately 21 percent of our local education funding. The loss of this funding would force the school district to cut back on teachers and raise property taxes on the remaining residents.

“Not only is this bad for taxpayers in the Dover Area School District, but it also hurts taxpayers in the Northern York School District. The impact on Northern York School District is simple; the district will increase taxes. This tax increase is inevitable because the school district will be forced to hire more teachers, expand services and enlarge buildings to educate the additional students.

“In addition to being the wrong choice financially for our community, this move is wrong for our children whose education is our highest priority. At this point, the move to Northern York School District would be the third such move for the students of Washington Township. The lack of consistency and certainty these students and their families have faced over the last few years threatens to negatively impact their education. Additionally, these families and their children would be removed from their friends in the community and placed into a different school district.

“This decision is an effort by members of our community to see their property tax bill shrink, an ever-present reminder on the problem of property taxes and the growing need for real reform. For this reason, I worked hard to limit the ability of schools to raise property taxes. After limiting the methods for raising property taxes, I worked last session to provide property tax relief by passing House Bill 1189 out of the House of Representatives. This legislation was the first bill to ever pass the House which provided a mechanism for eliminating property taxes in Pennsylvania’s history.
The desire of Washington Township is not unique in York County or the Commonwealth; people are tired of seeing their property taxes increase. As we approach a new year and a new session, I remain committed to enacting real property tax reform for our entire community.”

Representative Seth Grove
196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Nick Ruffner
RepGrove.com / Facebook.com/RepSethGrove
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