Aument, Grove Puzzled by Governor’s Decision to Muddle Implementation of His Own State-Specific Education Standards
HARRISBURG – As strong advocates for the state-developed Pennsylvania Academic Standards, state Reps. Ryan Aument (R-Lancaster) and Seth Grove (R-York) today issued the following statement in response to Gov. Tom Corbett’s call for public review of state academic standards:

“We are frustrated and confused by Governor Corbett’s incongruous decision to conduct a public review of Pennsylvania’s Academic Standards, which were developed by his administration to remove Pennsylvania from the grasp of the national Common Core Standards and supported by the General Assembly. We are extremely disappointed the Corbett administration is considering reversing its own policy and opting to further convolute public understanding of our statewide academic standards. As a result, we have lost total confidence in this administration’s ability to manage implementation of these state-specific academic standards.

“In 2010, the Rendell administration spearheaded the adoption of the national Common Core Standards. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives appropriately adopted House Resolution 338, which ensured the problematic Common Core Standards were replaced with rigorous education standards that reflected the unique needs of our students and teachers, protected their privacy, ensured state oversight of school standards and assessments, and guaranteed academic curriculums remain locally designed and implemented. We continue to believe the Pennsylvania Academic Standards are right for our students, educators, school districts and Commonwealth.

“Since joining the General Assembly, we have been consistent supporters of efforts to improve the quality of our education system in Pennsylvania. We have strongly supported efforts by the Corbett administration to improve student academic outcomes by developing rigorous state-specific standards that protect local school district control over curriculum decisions. It is unfortunate that instead of educating the public about the value of the newly adopted state standards, the administration is choosing to repeat efforts already taken by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and add further confusion to the implementation process. After all, public hearings on the current Pennsylvania Academic Standards were already held. Furthermore, during a House Education hearing, the Secretary was already asked by members of the House Education Committee to provide the standards in laymen’s terms so both parents and school boards would have a better understanding of the academic standards.

“We believe it is the General Assembly that must now take the lead to thoroughly evaluate the process by which the Pennsylvania Academic Standards were adopted. With that, we have submitted a letter to House Education Committee Chairman Paul Clymer asking him to hold additional hearings to thoughtfully reconsider the process by which they were adopted and the process by which the governor decided to re-evaluate his own newly adopted standards.

“We will continue to strenuously advocate for rigorous state academic standards that serve to improve the quality of our schools and ensure our young people are prepared for the future that awaits them.”

Letter sent to Gov. Tom Corbett

Letter sent to House Education Chairman Paul Clymer
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