No Sick Leave Mandates Keeps Business Healthy
By Rep. Seth Grove (R-York County)

The best possible workforce should never be “forced” into their daily duties. The best results for a business, or workplace of any kind, happen when the staff is properly motivated to produce results, and no one can perform at his or her best when he or she are sick. Employers and bosses understand this, and recognize the need to have fair sick leave policies. Not just because having sick employees at work hurts productivity, but because an unfair sick leave policy will make it very difficult to attract, and keep, a quality staff.

To try and address this some state and local governments around the nation have attempted to impose paid leave mandates for employers. These would be laws requiring all organizations with a certain number of employees to offer a required amount of paid leave to staffs. This practice has good intentions, but unfortunately can have much larger consequences on the business climate of these regions.

In Philadelphia, the city council has passed local leave mandates on more than one occasion, but each time it reaches Mayor Nutter’s desk, he swiftly vetoes the legislation, because he recognizes the after effects of a local leave mandate for Philadelphia. It is not the government’s place to tell a business owner how to manage his or her staff. Business owners and managers are experts in their own fields, and it is up to them how to attract, maintain and properly compensate their staffs.

Mayor Nutter, other legislators and business community leaders recognize the need to create the best possible business environment in Pennsylvania. To truly cut down unemployment figures we need to attract as many quality employers as possible to our Commonwealth. Mandating leave requirements from municipality to municipality sends the wrong message to large companies that may want to set up shop here, and it does not put our residents in the best position to find successful careers in their home state. Even worse, local leave mandates hamper the potential growth of small businesses that would have to vary policies from location to location.

The best employers are already offering effective and fair paid leave policies; they know they have to if they want to attract the very best people to their organizations. In the same way, if we want to attract these top companies, we have to offer the best possible business climate in which they can be successful. This will result in more quality, high-paying jobs in our state, and the most fair paid leave policies for Pennsylvanians.

Representative Seth Grove
196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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717.260.6479 /
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