Grove’s Local Pre-emption Legislation Headed for House Floor
HARRISBURG – A number of local governments across the country have tried to pass legislation dictating leave requirement policies for all businesses in their community. Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover) has authored House Bill 1807 to stop this by providing state pre-emption for local mandated leave ordinances.

“Local mandates such as this create an uneven playing field for businesses,” Grove said. “I believe it is up to the business owner how best to run his or her business, and forcing all businesses, regardless of the type of industry is unfair to small business owners.”

This past year, the Philadelphia City Council passed a mandated leave policy requiring all businesses in the city with more than five employees to provide up to 56 hours of paid time off a year, regardless of the type of business or leave policy currently in place. However, Mayor Michael Nutter vetoed the legislation citing unfairness to small businesses, and its effect on the ability of Philadelphia to draw new businesses.

These types of policies are also hard on larger corporations that have operations in multiple states. Being forced to change employee policies for one location of a company damages our state’s ability to attract these kinds of businesses, and thus hurts our ability to draw large employers.

“Local governments who are setting employee leave policies, external of their own employees, are acting outside of their role as local governments. Instead of hurting employers, local governments should focus on economic development and reduce taxes to bring new business to Pennsylvania and create jobs for Pennsylvania residents,” added Grove.

Currently, 12 states have already passed pre-emption bills. House Bill 1807 will now go before the full House for further consideration.

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Representative Seth Grove
196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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