Grove Pushes for Expansion of Breast Cancer Health Laws
HARRISBURG – Early detection is the key in the fight against breast cancer, and Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover) is helping lead a push to ensure future generations of Pennsylvanians will be better prepared to beat the disease. Successfully pushing multiple pieces of legislation to make a lasting impact on how our Commonwealth informs and treats patients.

This month, Gov. Tom Corbett signed Act 86 of 2013, requiring facilities offering mammograms to provide patients with breast density reports. Previously known as Senate Bill 358, it adds another measure in the goal of early detection. Increased breast density is proven to increase the risk for developing breast cancer.

“Dense breast tissue can hide abnormalities and complicate early detection,” Grove said. “This legislation requires doctors to notify patients of their breast density rating, all in an effort to help patients be more aware of the potential risk of developing cancer in their lifetime.”

The House recently passed additional legislation to improve early detection efforts. House Bill 1656, sponsored by Grove and supported by the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition, updates the law to reflect modern advances in breast cancer detection. If passed, the law would repeal Act 213 of 1984 which no longer meets the modern advancements in cancer medicine. Repealing the law would allow doctors and patients to better identify and discuss the least invasive options, and pursue treatments as quickly as needed.

“We all know someone personally, or a family, who has experienced breast cancer,” Grove added. “We’ve made incredible strides in cancer care since the 1980s. This legislation reflects that and helps to remove unnecessary stress and anxiety for a breast cancer patient and their loved ones.”

House Bill 1656 will now go before the Senate for further consideration.

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Representative Seth Grove
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