Grove Press Conference to Push for Immunization Access for Military Families

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania will soon be at the peak of flu season, and long lines will fill doctor’s offices where children wait to receive immunizations. There are more than 6,600 certified pharmacist immunizers in the Commonwealth, but every one of them is barred from providing necessary immunizations to anyone under the age of 18. At a press conference Monday, Sept. 30, at noon in the Main Capitol Rotunda, Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover) will explain how his legislation will make it easier for Pennsylvanians to access immunizations for their children, and in particular, military families.

Grove authored House Bill 776, which would allow certified pharmacists to deliver immunizations to children older than age 7. Last year, the Department of Health made certain vaccinations, including Pertussis, mandatory for school entry. House Bill 776 would increase access to imperative immunizations for our children.

“Each year during flu season, parents have problems getting their child into see their physician in a timely manner to receive the vaccine,” Grove said. “Many physicians’ offices run out of vaccine or simply do not have enough hours in their office schedule to fill the need. Pharmacies offer a safe, accessible alternative. In this day and age, there should not be a single barrier for a child to receive a disease preventing medicine.”

The problem is worse for children of military families. Tricare, the military’s health insurance plan provides free immunization coverage under its pharmacy benefit, but not in its medical benefit. This means men and women serving in uniform in our Commonwealth are missing out on a key part of their own health plan. House Bill 776 will close this loophole.

On Monday, Grove will be joined by other state legislators who support House Bill 776, along with members of the Disabled Veterans of America, PA Veterans Chamber of Commerce, and other military organizations.

The press conference will be streamed live at

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