Grove Motorcycle Permit Legislation Clears House

HARRISBURG – Rep. Seth Grove’s (R-Dover) legislation to change the Commonwealth’s system for motorcycle learner’s permit renewals cleared a hurdle this week when the Pennsylvania House of Representatives gave it the green light.

“It is important for the safety of motorcycle riders and other drivers that we have qualified operators on our roadways,” said Grove.  “My legislation is about ensuring that motorcycle learner’s permits are not a revolving door, but rather a period during which new riders can learn how to safely operate a motorcycle.”

Grove’s House Bill 892, which is supported by the Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE), would limit the number of times an individual could apply for a motorcycle learner’s permit to three times in a five-year period and would prohibit the renewal of motorcycle learner’s permits.

Current law allows a rider to apply for a motorcycle learner’s permit for a $10 fee.  The applicant must pass a vision screening and knowledge test, and the permit is good for one year. 

State law restricts riding with a permit to daylight hours.  Permit holders also are prohibited from riding with a passenger.  Additionally, if the permit holder does not have a regular driver’s license, he or she is only permitted to operate a motorcycle under the instruction and supervision of a licensed motorcycle operator.

Grove, a known advocate for safe riding, last session won passage of legislation to require minors who hold motorcycle learner’s permits to successfully complete the free 15-hour Basic Rider Course through the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program.  The bill was signed into law as Act 84 of 2012.

“We want Pennsylvania riders to be safe, knowledgeable and well trained when they head out on our roadways,” said Grove.  “A rider has to be much more defensive on the road than other motorists because he or she doesn’t have the protection of a few tons of steel.  This legislation will save lives by helping to ensure we have competent riders on our highways.”   

More information about motorcycle safety and Grove’s other legislative priorities is available at and

Representative Seth Grove
196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact:  Nicole Wamsley
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