Grove Leads Charge to Increase Funding for Traditional Public Schools and Strengthen School Choice
HARRISBURG – Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover) supports groundbreaking legislation, which was approved during today’s House Education Committee meeting, to comprehensively update Pennsylvania’s 16-year-old charter school law.

“Updating charter school policy is critical and would directly increase funding for traditional public schools,” said Grove. “House Bill 618 would build a solid foundation to strengthen school choice options for students and families across the Commonwealth, while creating a level funding playing field for public schools.”

House Bill 618 would allow school districts to deduct the full costs of pension contributions and food service before making payments to cyber charter school during the next two years. These deductions recognize that cyber charter schools do not provide food to their students and have received pension overpayments since their inception.

These funds would be redirected to traditional public schools. Coupled with the $100 million increase in the proposed 2013-14 fiscal year state budget for basic education, traditional school districts would see significant funding increases.

The legislation would further strengthen charter and cyber charter schools by increasing transparency and accountability, ensuring cyber charter schools are enforcing compulsory attendance, applying teacher evaluations and academic quality measures, creating a funding commission to examine permanent charter funding improvements, and allowing for direct payments to charter schools.

“This compromise would strengthen educational opportunities for all students in Pennsylvania, regardless of where they are attending public school,” said Grove. “We know that offering families educational choices allows students to flourish. It’s all about finding the right balance, and this legislation is an excellent starting point.”

Grove noted that today the committee advanced House Bill 1207, which would increase funding for the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) by $25 million. The EITC offers tax credits to businesses that donate to scholarship programs. Qualifying students can participate in these scholarship programs to help fund education at private and public schools.

More information about Grove and his legislative priorities is available at and

Following is a chart detailing how this legislation, combined with the proposed basic education funding increase, will impact York County schools: 
School District Charter School Reform Savings* Proposed Basic Education Funding Increase  2013-14 Proposed School District Increase  Percent Increase 
Central York SD  $76,165.63 $298,907.00 $375,072.63  5.78%
Dallastown Area SD $111,517.06 $319,743.00 $431,260.06  5.47%
Dover Area SD $95,167.61 $248,634.00 $343,801.61  3.43%
Eastern York SD $55,052.03 $154,450.00 $209,502.03  2.99%
Hanover Public SD $99,776.95 $77,452.00 $177,228.95  7.42%
Northeastern York SD $107,763.84 $254,666.00 $362,429.84  3.63%
Northern York County SD $77,938.57 $164,344.00 $242,282.57  3.50%
Red Lion Area SD $167,586.16 $367,494.00 $535,080.16  3.86%
South Eastern SD $112,307.53 $171,940.00 $284,247.53  3.42%
South Western SD $105,645.96 $200,325.00 $305,970.96  3.24%
Southern York County SD $58,641.22 $157,779.00 $216,420.22  2.98%
Spring Grove Area SD $75,708.17 $208,324.00 $284,032.17  2.84%
West Shore SD $248,270.69 $325,604.00 $573,874.69  4.75%
West York Area SD $92,881.29 $184,553.00 $277,434.29  5.40%
York City SD $374,601.44 $698,548.00 $1,073,149.44  2.14%
York Suburban SD $68,183.19  $105,048.00 $173,231.19  10.44%

*Data based on analysis by Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials.

Representative Seth Grove
196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Nicole Wamsley
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