House Committee Advances Grove PACE Expansion Legislation

HARRISBURG – The House Aging and Older Adult Services Committee today approved legislation authored by Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover) that would allow nearly 40,000 Pennsylvania senior citizens to maintain access to affordable prescription medications through the PACE and PACENET programs. 

“Medications are expensive for our senior citizens, who often are prescribed many different drugs to treat various ailments,” said Grove.  “The lifespan of the average American has been increasing, thanks in part to prescription medications.  My legislation would allow more Pennsylvanians access to these life-sustaining drugs, at an affordable price.” 

House Bill 777 would allow senior citizens who would be bumped from eligibility by Social Security cost-of-living adjustments to stay on the PACE and PACENET programs.  It also would change the definition of income to exclude Medicare Part B premiums, which would allow an additional 10,000 senior citizens to participate in the programs. 

“We currently include the Medicare Part B premium in the calculation of income for determining eligibility in these programs,” said Grove.  “The fact is, this is money these senior citizens never actually see, and I believe we should exclude it from the income calculation.” 

Grove noted the inclusion of this premium adds nearly $1,200 per year to an applicant’s income total.  

Current income eligibility levels for PACE are set at less than $14,500 for a single person and less than $17,700 for a couple.  PACENET, which covers individuals with incomes exceeding PACE maximums, is open to individuals earning between $14,500 and $23,500 and couples with incomes between $17,700 to $31,500.  The minimum age to participate in these programs is 65.  They are funded from proceeds of the Pennsylvania Lottery. 

House Bill 777 will now go before the full House for consideration. 

More information about Grove’s legislative priorities is available at and 

Representative Seth Grove
196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact:  Nicole Wamsley
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