Grove Introduces Legislation to Excuse Schools from Costly Mandates

HARRISBURG – In an effort to reduce the cost of public education, Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover) has introduced legislation to allow school districts to suspend certain costly mandates. 

“Unfunded mandates are one of the major cost drivers for public education,” said Grove.  “By reducing these mandates, we allow our school boards to make decisions about how best to educate our students and put their limited resources to use, which is what we elect them to do.” 

Grove’s House Bill 780 would allow school districts to suspend certain mandates in order to enable the school to improve its instructional program or operate in a more efficient, effective and economical manner. 

“Mandates usurp the duties of our school boards and they drive up the cost of public education,” said Grove.  “As we continue to grapple with the revenue side of education, we cannot forget to examine the cost of education.  This legislation is something school boards want and property taxpayers will welcome.” 

The legislation gives the Pennsylvania Department of Education and other overseeing agencies the authority to disapprove of a mandate suspension, and it also calls for public input through an open hearing.   

The legislation is now before the House Education Committee. 

More information about Grove and his legislative priorities is available at and 

Representative Seth Grove
196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact:  Nicole Wamsley
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