Adams, York County House Republicans Join Funding Formula Lawsuit
HARRISBURG – Adams and York County House Republican members Keith Gillespie
(R-Hellam), Seth Grove (R-Dover), Ron Miller (R-Jacobus), Dan Moul (R-Gettysburg), Stan Saylor (R-Red Lion) and Will Tallman (R-Hanover) have joined a lawsuit against the Commonwealth to challenge the Pennsylvania Constitution and overturn the state’s education funding formula. The action will soon be filed in Commonwealth Court.

The members issued the following reasons for joining the lawsuit:

“We stand in support of the lawsuit, which was initiated by state Reps. Rosemary Brown and Mario Scavello, two members of the General Assembly who represent a region of the state (Monroe and Pike counties) very similar to Adams and York counties – high in population growth but deficient when it comes to the state public school funding that should accompany enrollment increases.

“Much has been made of the damage done by property taxes, which have escalated and threaten to, and in many areas have already, forced Pennsylvanians from their homes. Frankly, the 1991 hold harmless provision, which guarantees no district in the state will ever receive less total state funding than the previous year, has been more damaging than property taxes.

“As a result of this provision, student enrollments, a logical and necessary component of any education funding formula, was removed from the equation. The combination of an essentially finite amount of money, “hold harmless,” and declining student enrollments which have occurred in much of western Pennsylvania has left growth areas such as Adams and York County school districts with no recourse but to raise property taxes.

“Many of our constituents have difficulty believing property taxes are not a statewide issue. They are not, which is why we also support House Bill 2230, legislation to empower individual municipalities through a local option for reducing and eliminating property taxes. This bill, along with a victory in this lawsuit, would result in better stewardship of taxpayer dollars and more efficient distribution of education funding by ensuring schools experiencing growth are sufficiently supported.”

Adams-York County House Republican Delegation
Contact: Scott Little
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