York County House Republicans Champion Jobs, Environment in Support of Natural Gas Legislation
HARRISBURG - York County House Republican Reps. Seth Grove (R-Dover), Ron Miller
(R-Jacobus), Stan Saylor (R-Red Lion) and Will Tallman (R-Hanover) today voted in favor of legislation which would give counties the option of imposing a natural gas well impact fee and would require rents and royalties from oil and gas leases on land to be placed in a special fund to be used for environmental purposes. House Bill 1950 passed the House and will now be taken up by the state Senate.

The members issued the following statement after the vote:

“Our primary concern for any legislation dealing with exploration in the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations is striking a balance between the impact drilling could have on the environment and efforts to stimulate what, to this point, has been a jobless economic recovery.

“Pennsylvania citizens deserve and our State Constitution demands clean air and water. To that end, House Bill 1950 protects our environment by increasing setbacks from streams, water wells, buildings and public water supplies. It requires the Department of Environmental Protection to establish protocols for the detection, quantification and reporting of air contaminant emissions from Marcellus and Utica shale drillers. The bill also dedicates portions of the state Oil and Gas Lease Fund to county conservation districts, the Environmental Stewardship Fund and the Hazardous Site Clean Up Fund.

“At the same time, House Bill 1950 will continue to serve as a stimulus for an economy that can never truly turn around without an infusion of jobs. To this point, the Marcellus Shale has created tens of thousands of jobs from peripheral to the ancillary businesses associated with the Marcellus Shale industry all across Pennsylvania. That number only figures to grow as the industry continues to expand and related businesses are generated.

“While York County is not in the shale belt, many of its residents are profiting thanks to natural gas prices that are down significantly from a few years ago. Increased inventory resulting from further exploration in the Marcellus can only improve that situation.

“We need to put in place measures which ensure that this industry, still very much in its infancy, is closely monitored with regard to environmental impact, while fully taking advantage of an asset from which we can all truly benefit.”

York County House Republican Delegation
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Contact: Scott Little
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