York County House Republicans Support ‘Responsible, Sustainable’ State Budget

York County House Republican delegation members Keith Gillespie (R-Hellam), Seth Grove (R-Dover), Ron Miller (R-Jacobus), Scott Perry (R-Dillsburg), Stan Saylor (R-Red Lion) and Will Tallman (R-Hanover) on Wednesday voted in favor of House Bill 1485, state budget legislation for Fiscal Year 2011-12. The members offered the following statement upon passage of the bill, which now goes to Gov. Tom Corbett’s desk for his signature: 

“The people of York County expect us to conduct business in the General Assembly much as they conduct ‘business’ in their households – in a timely manner, while spending responsibly. This budget bill satisfies both of those criteria. 

“Pennsylvanians endeavor to pay their bills on time, and this budget comes in under deadline, the same deadline the previous administration was unable to meet in eight years. It also reduces spending in this troublesome economy, just as our citizens are forced to cut back when times are tough.  The amount of overall spending ($27.148 billion) is more than $1 billion below last year’s budget, an accomplishment that has happened only three times in nearly 40 years.  

“Even in this difficult financial climate, some programs must be sustained and not cut. Education, the key to a bright future for Pennsylvania, is supported in unprecedented numbers. The $5.354 billion in the 2011-12 Basic Education Funding subsidy represents the largest investment of state dollars for that funding stream ever.  

“This budget bill also prioritizes debt in the same manner any responsible household would. It views what some would regard as a surplus, weighs it against outstanding obligations and realizes the need to square its accounts before spending extravagantly. Pennsylvania is in debt to the tune of $50.5 billion. Borrowed unemployment funds from the Federal Unemployment Trust Fund ($4 billion) must be repaid. There is a very good chance we will have to reimburse the $716 million taken from the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error (MCare) Fund by the Rendell administration. Owing more than you have does not equate to a surplus. 

“By avoiding increased taxes and new debt, we are balancing this budget based on existing revenues and not on the backs of hard-working Pennsylvanians. Voting for this budget means supporting a plan that puts us back on the road to prosperity.” 

York County House Republican Delegation
Contact:  Scott Little

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