House Sends Grove’s ‘Do Not Text’ Message to Senate

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives today unanimously approved legislation authored by Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover) that would add marketing through text messaging to the types of communication prohibited by the Telemarketer Registration Act. 

“Telemarketers have caught on to promoting products and services via text message, which can be just as annoying as a phone call and more costly for citizens,” said Grove.  “For an individual who does not have an unlimited text messaging plan, he or she is picking up the part of the telemarketing company’s advertising tab.  It is time to nip the practice of unwanted text marketing in the bud.” 

House Bill 247 would add text messaging to the types of telephone communication prohibited by the Telemarketer Registration Act and would prohibit telemarketers from contacting a consumer via text message if he or she is enrolled on the “do-not-call” list. 

Grove noted that companies which have an established relationship with a customer, including creditors, would still have the right to contact individuals via text or voice communication, as is permitted under the current law.  

“This legislation would not prohibit a company from calling or texting a customer who has an existing account or established relationship with the business, but would only apply to unsolicited communication,” said Grove.  “The bill would protect an individual from paying his or her cell phone provider for unwanted corporate text messages, but consumers should still be cautious about signing up for free offers or divulging contact information to ‘alert’ services because those actions could establish a relationship with a company or organization and open the door to text messages.” 

Grove’s legislation will now go the Senate for consideration. 

More information about Grove and his legislative priorities is available at or

State Representative Seth Grove
196th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Nicole Wamsley

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