Grove Introduces Bill to Allow Flexibility in School Budgeting

Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover) today announced the introduction of legislation that would allow school districts the option of moving the start of the school fiscal year to Jan. 1, which would give them more time to adjust their budgets to reflect state education allocations.

“This legislation will allow school districts to budget based on fact, rather than on expectations,” said Grove.  “Our current system specifies July 1 as the start of the school fiscal year, which is also the same date as the start of the state fiscal year.  In recent years when state budgets were passed late, schools were put in the position of budgeting without knowing how much state funding on which they could rely.  This bill would help to avoid these situations in the future.” 

Grove’s legislation would apply only to third- and fourth-class school districts.  Second-class school districts already have the ability to move the start of the fiscal year.  Those districts opting to move the start of the fiscal year would need a two-thirds vote of the school board.   

“The House is working to give school districts the tools they need to budget appropriately, hold the line on property taxes and control costs,” said Grove.  “This proposal is another means to assist school districts as they work to affordably educate Pennsylvania’s students.” 

More information about Grove and his legislative initiatives is available at and

State Representative Seth Grove
196th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Nicole Wamsley

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