Jul. 15, 2021

HARRISBURG – State officials announced today the stockpile of personal protective equipment (PPE) stored at the Farm Show Complex will finally be moved to a new location, freeing up the complex to once again host events. In response, House State Government Committee Chairman Seth Grove (R-Dover) issued the following statement:

“We have waited more than a year for this day to come. Unfortunately, announcement that a warehouse to store the PPE has cost businesses that rely on events at the Farm Show Complex as a source of income an untold negative financial impact is too late. At a time when businesses are still struggling to stay afloat, the state should have moved quicker to find a location for the PPE to help lesson some of the financial strains businesses are barely coping with.        

“Officials have long cited the need to keep PPE under lock and key as the reason to keep the complex closed to the public. In fact, security was so tight at the complex that two other committee chairs and I were barred by the Wolf administration from entering the building. However, the administration neglected to account for the complex being in a flood zone, which suffered substantial flooding about 15 years ago and its parking lot partially flooded during recent rains.

“While moving PPE to a new location is a step in the right direction, it still boggles my mind why it took so long when there are several warehousing options throughout southcentral Pennsylvania. The high price tag to rent a warehouse is also questionable considering the nearby Fort Indiantown Gap could have served as a much better location for PPE instead of the Farm Show Complex.”

Representative Seth Grove
196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Greg Gross
RepGrove.com / Facebook.com/RepSethGrove