Mar. 16, 2021

WHAT: The House State Government Committee will convene to take up several bills, including legislation to freeze cost-of-living increases for members of the General Assembly, the governor, lieutenant governor, holders of state row offices, judges and others through 2022, as well as a bill to observe daylight saving time year-around should it be approved at the federal level. 

The committee will take up the following bills: 

House Bill 335 would amend an act entitled “An act for the establishment of a uniform standard of time throughout the Commonwealth” observing daylight saving time year-round if authorized by the Congress of the United States.
House Bill 453 would amend the act known as the Health Club Act, providing for emergency COVID-19 provisions.
House Bill 583: Would amend the Public Official Compensation Law, further providing for judicial salaries, for compensation of governor and lieutenant governor, state treasurer, auditor general, attorney general, commissioners of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and heads of departments, for members of the General Assembly and for cost-of-living adjustment hiatus.
House Bill 648 would amend The Administrative Code of 1929, in powers and duties of the Department of General Services and its departmental administrative and advisory boards and commissions, providing for program for sale of used pursuit vehicles.
House Bill 746 would limit the assignment of state-owned vehicles.

WHO: Chairman Seth Grove (R-Dover) will be joined by members of the committee. 

WHEN: Wednesday, March 17, at 8 a.m.   

WHERE: Room G-50, Irvis Office Building, Capitol Complex, Harisburg.

LIVE WEBSTREAMING: The meeting will be streamed live at and

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